The goal: @RUS Задача:
To create MEGA brand-zone for the Afisha Picnic festival @RUS Разработать бренд-зону для Пикника «Афиши»
The solution: @RUS Решение:
MEGA is known as a brand, which creates great personal moments. Thus we created a very special logo-installation. Each Letter became a place of attraction with an exciting interactive zone, unique atmosphere and personal engagement.
A great mirror letter M with stick-on looks and interactive fitting room became the SELFIE center of the FEST. More than 10 000 people made pictures and printed them instantly at the instaprinter.
By Uploading a photo with a hashtag #megapicknick2015 visitors received ice cold drinks at the “E” Bar»
Outdoor movie theater created together with CINEMA PARK held the first ever adult animation fest, presenting best works of Moscow International Film Festival. Letter A for an AMAZING SNICKER SWING, became extremely popular not only among kids but grown ups too.
Over 54 000 people visited MEGA interactive zone, took pictures, watched movies, refreshed with cocktails, interactively tried on clothes and shopped online. @RUS Как рассказать, что Мега – это больше, чем шоппинг? Дать больше, чем просто развлечение! Самым заметным объектом на Пикнике Афиши 2014 стали четыре огромных буквы «МЕГА» – но не просто инсталляции, а МЕГА-функциональные точки притяжения!

М – модные селфи в огромном зеркале.
Е – если хочешь освежающий коктейль, то тебе в наш МЕГА-бар.
Г – кинотеатр под открытым небом.
А – ааафигительные качели для взрослых и детей!